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On October 23, 2011, the Manchester derby perfectly captured the story of the football rivalry in the last decade in Manchester. Only 5.6 miles separate Manchester City from Manchester United as a local but bitter rivalry between the two still exists in their quest to be recognised as the number one club. Their main rivalry: Takeover in 2008 The rivalry between the two clubs dates back to the Victorian era and has also intensified among fans, managers and sports bettors on platforms.

When both teams started competing in the top leagues of English football, Manchester fans were equally supportive of both groups; there were no red and blue cities yet. City won the Premier League title with a goal difference in their last six league games, the first such decision since 1989, and a repeat of the 1967-68 season when City beat “Manchester United”. Goals have also proved crucial in the title race in that season as City led Manchester United on goal difference to clinch their first Premier League title. This title clinch took the rivalry to a level ahead at the very last moment. United players started celebrating their success, but it was cut short as in the other match Aguero scored the historic goal in the 93rd minute to win the game and Premier League title.

Six months after a 2-1 win in 2008, the wealth Manchester City brought in in 2008 had little impact on the Manchester derby. There were three Manchester City derbies in the 2010-11 season: Manchester United 1 win, Manchester City 1 win, and one draw. The 1982-1983 season showed a long, intense rivalry with Manchester City coming into the derby at Old Trafford; City took the lead, two points ahead of Manchester United after a stellar start. However, the Blues’ old worries were still reemerging.

It was the first time City have beaten Manchester United in a football league match at Old Trafford since April 1974, and their first league derby wins since the 1969/70 season. City’s second win at Old Trafford since 1974 and United’s worst home defeat since 1955, also losing to Manchester City.

The two teams have met for over a century since their first match in 1881. The two clubs first met in 1881 and completed met 184 more times since. Both clubs are among the best globally and are in the top 10 football clubs in turnover.

The fans of each club will probably insist that their team is the best, but when it comes to the record of wins and losses, one team comes out earlier than the other. Matches between teams that do not represent the first team also have an element of rivalry, and occasions, reserve teams meet are sometimes referred to as “mini derbies”. A match between groups is called the Manchester Derby; There are two matches each season, and there may be more if the teams meet in a League Cup or FA Cup play-off match or the Champions League.

Emotions run high whenever rivalry and sport meet, and the fans are always there, ready to cheer on their teams and lead them to victory. Every football fan knows that the only thing that can make the game they love even more exciting is playing with a team they hate. The football game is full of famous rivalries, but none compares to the city’s hostility when fans from the same stadium oppose each other. Manchester is highly regarded as a football city, as are Milan and Madrid.