UEFA Champions League football ball

The second-half goal from Nino was to be the only goal of the game when Mallorca won 1-0 (0-0) away to Alaves in the La Liga.

Alaves’ Ruben Duarte was sent off in the 66th minute.

It took until the 80th minute before Fer Nino gave Mallorca the lead.

The last match between the teams ended in a 1-0 home win for Mallorca in February 2020.

In the next games in the La Liga, Alaves will play Valencia (away) on 2021-08-27, Villarreal (away) on 2021-09-12 and Osasuna (home) on 2021-09-19. Mallorca play Espanyol (home) on 2021-08-27, Atlethic Bilbao (away) on 2021-09-12 and Villarreal (home) on 2021-09-19.