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A new factor that may affect Neymar in the FIFA World Cup:

Will the performance of the Brazilian star be affected by a recent surprise that just happened in one of the last games of Brazil as they prepare for their debut in the Qatar World Cup?
In the recent game against Ghana, Brazil’s coach tested Neymar in a position that is new to him as a professional player: attacking midfielder

Would Neymar sacrifice goals for Brazil?

Neymar has been playing very well at the club level, and the reason behind such motivation is clearly a desire to arrive in good shape in Qatar.

The player has faced criticism in his home country because of his numerous interests outside the football world, including a fondness for partying and some would argue way too much time dedicated to Esports.

But that has changed. Neymar has been a goal and assist machine at PSG so far in the 2022/2023 season.

But playing as an attacking midfielder would probably mean he would score fewer goals than usual.

The Brazilian Starting XI against Serbia on November 24th

Brazil’s manager has tested numerous formations and called way too many players since the last World Cup. That said, it’s hard to predict the Starting XI of the Brazilian debut.

Right now, it’s hard to tell if that was just a specific test, as the Brazilian press simply has no idea of what will happen.

But that test so close to the world cup could indicate an inconsistency in the betting markets

FIFA Golden Boot Betting Odds

There wasn’t major fluctuation in the odds of the FIFA Golden Boot market since this test of Neymar as a midfielder. The Brazilian star now has odds of 13.0 to be the upcoming winner of this prestigious trophy.

That means something relevant. The group of Brazil has been determined a long time ago in the official drawing. Brazil has a group that may allow Neymar to score lots of goals. But the fact that his odds didn’t become more interesting after this test means the market is ignoring this change.

The problem here is Neymar is considered the 3rd most likely to win the Golden Boot, behind Kane and Mbappé with odds of 8.0 and 9.0 respectively.
Neymar has the same odds as Benzema on average right now, 13.0. And below these four we have the legends, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, with odds of 15.0!


Sometimes the betting markets don’t change as they should and that’s one of the reasons why so many people profit from their sports knowledge every day.
The world cup will be full of opportunities to profit with sports bets, but you are the one who decides here: soccernuts will bring you quality information to make informed decisions, but we don’t want to be a tipster site, we want to bring prime insights to make you a better punter!
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