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Check out our Beginners Guide to World Cup Soccer Betting:

Did you ever feel like transforming your knowledge of soccer into sports betting profits? Or maybe you simply are curious about the sport that Europeans call football, as the biggest event of this sport happens every four years?

Let’s learn the basics to bet on the upcoming tournament in Qatar as well as any other soccer match that you feel like

The 1X2 System and the Decimal System

In America, moneyline odds are very popular, but in Europe, the preferred system is the decimal system. It’s actually very simple to bet using this system.

But as soccer also has the Draw as a possible result, Europeans use the so-called 1×2, which is just like Ice Hockey in this sense.

Let’s take the real-life example of the upcoming match between Spain and Germany. The November 27th game will have two teams of tradition, which means the market considers that both teams have almost equal chances of winning.

Spain – Germany 1X2 Betting Odds: FIFA World Cup Match

In the 1×2 markets, at the moment Spain has average odds of 2.59. It means if you bet $10 on Spain to win the game, you could earn $25.90, or lose your original stake of $10.
Usually, the ‘1’ event or team is the host, but as only Qatar will be at home and all other teams will be on a neutral field, the 1 and 2 teams are assigned by the bookmakers.

But now you already know the convention for other soccer tournaments.

The X event or result is the potential draw. In this upcoming game, the average odds for a tie are 3.39, so a potential $100 bet would become a 339 USD profit if you win.

If Germany wins, the average odds for the ‘2’ event are 2.77. Therefore, a $50 bet could bring home a prize of $138.50

Betting on the Winner of the Tournament: Outrights

Like other sports betting markets that are popular in America, you can bet on the result of the tournament, i.e. who will lift the trophy.

Brazil is considered the favorite to win the upcoming World Cup with Odds of 5.13, which means if you bet 100 dollars on them, you could win over 500 bucks if the Brazilians win their sixth World Cup.

There are several secondary markets like betting on specific players to score goals like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, or Mbappé.

You can also bet on the number of goals of each match, the number of goals of a Group, and what teams will qualify for the Knock out phase.

There’s a lot to discover in the world of soccer betting, and the series of betting guides and soccer articles of the new phase of soccernuts.net is just beginning.
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