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Bradford beat Stevenage 4-1 (3-1) at home in the England League Two. But Andy Cook stole all the post-match praise after scoring a hat-trick for Bradford. Niall Canavan also scored a goal for the winners, while List scored for Stevenage.

The hosts Bradford started the match at pace and took the lead straight away already from the kickoff. After only one minute Andy Cook scored.

Stevenage equalised to make it 1-1, when Elliot List scored, in the 17th minute.

Bradford took the lead after half an hour’s play as Andy Cook scored yet again. This time he netted.

The team increased their lead to 3-1, as Andy Cook scored and with this completed his hattrick, in the 38th minute.

The 4-1 goal came right at the end of the game, when Niall Canavan scored a goal for Bradford. The 4-1 goal was the last one of the game.

Bradford have seven points while Stevenage have six after three rounds of fixtures.

Both teams will be back in action on Saturday when Bradford host Mansfield at Field Mill and Stevenage welcome Port Vale.