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Admittedly, there will have been many of us who will have been counting down to the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup for a little while already, however with just over a month to go until the first game of the tournament, the excitement is getting to new heights each and every day!

Indeed, there may be some football fans that may not necessarily be getting too excited about the fact that Qatar vs Ecuador is the first game to kick off the tournament on November 20, but it is an opportunity for much of the world to get to see two teams that are perhaps not seen too often on global screens.

As a result, this fixture has become the ideal opportunity for those who wish to wager on the competition to check out the top football tipster as they will want to ensure they get the most profitable tips and enhance their overall experiences. While there may not be many that will know what to expect, you can expect a tipster to have done their research and make an informed prediction.

Of course, there are football fans that just love the sport and the beautiful game, though, which is why the countdown to the 2022 FIFA World Cup continues to be as exciting as the matches themselves.

We will get to see a total of 32 different nations from a number of different football federations continue to compete against each other in order to be crowned the next champions. As a result, we will be able to see a total of 64 matches take place in Qatar over the course of a month!

While Qatar and Ecuador are not quite expected to compete for the biggest prize – never say never, though – there are a number of nations in which fans will likely be watching each and every game that they take part in.

The likes of Brazil, France, England, Argentina, and Spain are all thought to be in the conversation of winning the FIFA World Cup this year, while teams such as Portugal will likely be watched often by many as it will likely be the final appearance at this tournament for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi has already revealed that this will be his final competition, therefore it would not be a shock if he were to go out with a bang and win the entire thing, thus capturing another huge prize and adding it to his mammoth trophy collection.