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Betting on the South American Top Cup:

The world of soccer loves the South American stars of Brazil, Argentina, and even Uruguay.
But usually, the international audience gets to see their talent during their prime with European clubs. Did you ever wonder what’s like to bet on the cradle of these stars?

CONMEBOL Libertadores is a fascinating competition full of big clashes between fierce rivals, most notably, from Brazil and Argentina.
The current edition is coming to an end, but there’s still time to place a bet in the 2022 CONMEBOL Libertadores final, as well as learn some stuff about the upcoming 2023 edition.

CONMEBOL Libertadores 1×2 markets

Recreational bettors enjoy this market just like in other countries and regions. The simple system has the ‘1’ selection representing the chances of the hosts to win, the X represents the odds of the match draw, and the ‘2’ normally represents the chances of the visitors to win.

1X2 Odds: CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022 Final

Let’s analyze the situation of the final in the traditional 1×2 betting market.

However, nowadays the final game is played on a neutral field. Therefore, this match between Flamengo and Athletico PR which will happen on October 29th will be a little different.

Flamengo’s odds are the ‘1’, while the odds of the Paranaense side – and underdogs – are ‘2’.
It’s interesting to note that when a game is played at a neutral field, then usually the odds of the underdog are the ‘2’ and the favorite team – according to the markets’ the ‘1’.

Right now we have Flamengo with average odds of 1.54, the match draw has odds of 4.06 and the visitors have odds of 6.42
Flamengo is the more traditional team, but Athletico has a famous manager, Scolari, who was the manager when Brazil won their last World Cup in 2002.
Some professional bettors are spotting value in the odds of Athletico, but you know better!

CONMEBOL Libertadores: Asian Handicap betting

We also have the Asian Handicap market available for the final of Libertadores, the current lines are Flamengo -1 / Athletico +1 with odds around even.

I believe Athletico +1 @1.90 could potentially be a valuable bet because in a final like this, and with a rather inexperienced manager (in terms of finals) like Flamengo’s current coach Dorival Júnior, Flamengo will hardly attack that much if they ever take the lead.

In other words, Athletico +1 is a bet that has decent chances of winning and minor chances of losing with good odds.
If you still need to learn more about Asian Handicap, count on us and check our special guides about this fascinating betting system

Outrights: CONMEBOL Libertadores Betting Guide

While you can bet just on the match result with 1×2 or Asian handicap, you can simply bet using the outrights markets and it’s odds.

Flamengo now has odds of 1.22, while Athletico has odds of 4.0 on average.
I believe a small bet on Athletico could prove to be valuable, and if they score, it’s also possible to hedge. We’ll also have a brand new guide about sports betting hedge coming soon!

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